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HMI Lighting

MiniSun On Camera Daylight Lights - Available in 24w or 50w


Lightweight, Compact single piece design -High quality, rugged and dependable - EMI shielded - Accepts Mini-Fill accessories

24w - 70fc at 5'    5600k color temp

50w - 170fc at 5'   5600k color temp


The Frezzi Mini-Fill is a compact professional light designed to accept 20 to 100 watt bulbs for vaious ENG or EFP  productions. The Mini-Fill runs from any 12-14.4 Volt battery and is designed for on-camera applications

Brick Batteries

Frezzi On-Board batteries attach on to all Snap-On brackets. You have a choice of regular brick size batteries weighing 4.5 pounds or mini bricks weighing 2.5 lbs
NP Batteries


M1000 M1000A
Extremely lightweight and compact single channel fast Charger-Discharger with battery rescue and LED voltmeter.

-Single Fast Charger/Discharger & Battery Rescue

-Extremely Compact, Lightweight and portable

-Charges professional broadcast NiCad/NiMH batteries

-Expandable Scale LED voltmeter

-Brick Battery Mounting Block (optional M1000A)

-Worldwide Input Operation

-User Friendly Interface




Fast Charges 12-14.4v battery packs, including bricks, NP1s, BP90s, NiCAD or NiMH. Universal input voltage for worldwide operation. Frezzi's Advanced Charging Protocol System. Ergonomic design and user friendly interface, Plug and Charge technology. Maintenance charge.

M2100 M2100A

-Fast Charges all professional broadcast NiCad/NiMH batteries

-Buit in Dischrge/Anlyze function

-Rescue Battery for abused/over discharged batteries

-LCD Alpha Numeric Full Diagnostic Display

-70 Watt Adjustable Power Supply

-User Friendly Interface



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